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All you have to do lock your Mac to keep them out. There are several ways to lock your Mac. You can have it lock automatically when your display goes to sleep.

You can lock it with a keyboard shortcut. When you bring your Mac out of sleep or from the screen saver, it will now require your password for access. Here, you can set whatever times you want for when your Mac and display go to sleep.

Lock Screen 2 on Mac OS X Preview

Just like that, your Mac will be locked. Either will require a password to unlock the Mac and use it again. Now you can test this out by dragging the cursor into the hot corner you just set.

How to Use Lock Screen in MacOS Mojave & High Sierra

The display sleep method turns the screen black, while the other begins whatever screen saver is set. This is highly recommended to enable on any Mac, but particularly for those in offices, schools, public places, and any other environment where you may have sensitive data on your machine that you want to keep from prying eyes.

Another very worthwhile endeavor is to add a login message to Mac OS X , which can include things like identifying information of the Mac, or better yet, ownership details like a name, email address, or phone number. The verbiage is slightly different in earlier versions of Mac OS X, but the setting works the same. Nonetheless, the setting and keyboard shortcuts are the same regardless of the version of Mac OS X, and the Hot Corner will work as well universally.

How to lock your Mac

Remember the password otherwise you will not be able to easily access the computer. If you do wind up in a situation and happen to forget your Mac password, you can reset it through a few different methods. Enjoy this tip?

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  • You can lock your Mac computer with just a keyboard command — here's how to set it up!

My 4 yr old MacBook Pro froze up. What did that sign mean? I only have one password on it. If this happens to be say, an OS disk you are using to install a VM, and it is taking forever, so you lock your screen to go on lunch, you may bone yourself. Apple: Isolate the damn eject key in this command so locking the screen does not also eject a disk which may or may not be in use.

How To Lock A Mac: Fast Ways To Lock The Screen - Macworld UK

Using the power or eject buttons as part of the shortcut is pretty dumb considering most people that have a need to lock their laptops have a keyboard and mouse connected and the lid closed. Good job Apple. The article shows you how to lock the screen with the mouse by moving it into a corner of the screen. Simply pressing the power button will suffice as well.

If you hold the power button it will let you switch off the system. Hi, new mac pro retina 13 does not seem to have eject button. Which combination will work the same? Great question! We just updated the article to directly address this. Also, be sure to set the screen saver to require a password, and also set login and lock screen messages too.

Filevault also provides encryption and security features, […]. This does not log a user out, it just brings up the standard Mac OS X lock screen and login window, requiring a valid user and password before the Mac can be used […]. This is the same for OS X The bummer about this keystroke, is that it locks the screen AND puts the display to sleep.

I really with is just locked the screen like the option in Keychain Preference. Not so hot if you just need it locked. In both cases, if you have a password enabled for the lock or screensaver screen you will need to […]. My Mac is set to lock after 60 min when put to sleep. Nevertheless my brother seems to be able to lock the screen instantly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how he does it? You can see what […]. I Use Expose and this is the best for upper left corner. So upper left with the mouse and it goes black. After that when you move your mouse it asks for a pass. Thats the best option. This lock function on Macs or so buggy… To avoid accidents better use user switch and leave your mac showing the login screen.

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About the Author

I am also looking for to make Macbook display as primary upon power failure. I use Dell monitor as primary and want to switch upon power failure to continue working with Macbook display. I am also looking for a keyboard shortcut key to make Macbook display as primary upon power failure. The best way to lock your mac screen quickly 1. Still, have a question? Get help on our forum! Skip to content. But I would still say, even if it pains me, that the core of OS X def.