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I could be wrong but I remember the solution is changing around a simple text file.

Any ideas? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. I wrote a few example mods to help people convert more to Mac from PC.

ROME: Total War gameplay hints

One of them unlocked factions. I didn't update the script for steam but with a little reading you should find what files you need to replace for the Steam version as only the location has changed. Thanks so much, I'll try it out Edwin. And the total factions mod is really hard to get because game center shut down its modding ways. Waxon View Profile View Posts. Hey I got the factions in campaign to work but I am unsure how to get those factions in custom battle, what files do I need to replace?

What is Total War Rome 2?

The campaign is narrated by Brian Blessed. In addition to the regular campaign, there are also six historical battles in the expansion, [6] starting with the Battle of Chaeronea , where Alexander accompanies his father, Philip II , against the combined forces of Athens and Thebes.

Next is the Battle of the Granicus against Memnon of Rhodes. The fourth and fifth battles are the Battle of Issus and the Battle of Gaugamela , respectively.

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As in the campaign, if Alexander dies during one of the historical battles, the player is defeated. If Alexander retreats, the player is also defeated. While the first battle is available by default, the subsequent battles can only be unlocked by beating the previous battle at "medium" difficulty or above. The battles can be replayed at any time after being unlocked. The expansion pack received "generally favorable reviews" according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Additionally, each faction will have to contend with its unique events and dilemmas.

New Military Traditions — Each of the Greek States has a unique top-tier military tradition: Athenian fleets may be honoured as Children of the Aegaean, improving the ramming ability of their ships whilst allowing them to secure more income when raiding; Spartan armies may be remembered as Peers of Leonidas, improving their melee defense capabilities and reducing their upkeep; the armies of Epirus may be feared as Hounds of Molossus, granting them greater charge bonuses whilst allowing them to keep public order problems in check.

How to unlock every faction on Rome Total War (Tutorial)

New Units: In addition to the intimidating unit rosters of each faction now playable for the first time, the Greek States Culture Pack introduces a variety of unique and especially elite and deadly forces. Mercenary Veteran Hoplites — [available to all playable factions] From glistening spear points to earth-shaking tread, a phalanx is a sight and sound to inspire dread.

With these veteran hoplites, that dread is sold to the highest bidder. Thureos Hoplites — [Available to Athens] While the linen breastplates worn by these men may look flimsy, they are cool, practical and surprisingly tough. As with all hoplites, the men inside are also practical and tough warriors. Thorax Hoplites — [Unique to Athens] These heavy hoplites are marked by their bronze breastplate armour, a sign of wealth and status.

They are armed with spears and hoplon shields, and use the phalanx formation to batter enemies into submission. As well as terrible killing tools, their axes are also climbing hooks for rough terrain. No sensible general would not use them in an assault. It is an honour to be a companion, to ride forth with javelin and kopis to fight for your lord and master.

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Heroes of Sparta — [Unique to Sparta] Embodying the spirit of Thermopylae, the Heroes Of Sparta bear their spears and shields with fierce pride and unrivalled mastery. Tortoise Armoured Battering Ram — [Siege Deployable available to all Greek, Roman and Carthaginian factions] Combining devastating ramming power while affording protection to its crew, used well the Tortoise more than makes up for its lack of speed and manoeuvrability in open ground.

How to unlock all factions? — Total War Forums

Oracle of Dodona — [Unique to Epirus] This sacred grove is the domain of the priests and priestesses of Epirus. The Oracle of Dodona increases provincial happiness, wealth, and the global conversion of other factions to Hellenic culture. Faction History: Athens Athens has long been famed for its cultural achievements, from buildings such as the Parthenon, to the plays and works of Aristophanes, Plato, Socrates, and Sophocles.

In many ways, Greek culture is defined by Athens. Its military focus has long been its navy; however, continuing the traditions of the classical era, its citizens are also expected to contribute both infantry and cavalry to its armies. Epirus Epirus is a Greek kingdom formed of numerous small villages and towns, rather than the great cities of the south. An agriculture and fishing-based society, Epirus nevertheless maintains a balanced army on the Alexandrian model, consisting of cavalry, archers, peltasts, phalangites and war elephants.

They also make extensive use of mercenaries from throughout the Greek-speaking world. Sparta With every aspect of their lives and society geared towards warfare, Sparta dominated the Greek world and continues to produce arguably the finest soldiers of the Hellenic period. The slaves and non-citizens of Sparta enable their citizens to pursue warrior perfection as soldiers and champions.

Trained and hardened in battle, their warriors and leaders are the embodiment of military discipline and virtue. System Requirements Windows. See all.