Flash drive not showing on mac

How to fix an external disk drive that won't show up on a Mac
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  3. [Proven] 10 Fixes to Recognize USB Flash Drive Not Showing up on Mac

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Normally when you plug in an external hard drive to your Mac's USB port you will see it mount on the desktop. You can also see it in the Finder in the left column under Devices.

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  7. If it's not there, chances are it has been corrupted , is faulty, or is not formatted correctly. This article assumes you have an external drive that connects to your Mac via the USB or Firewire port. Checking for updates may be one of the easiest ways to open USB ports on your Mac. Firmware updates address a variety of hardware issues and the functionality of the USB ports could well be one of them. Keeping your software and firmware up to date is good practice even if you are not experiencing problems.

    It is an essential step in resolving issues when they arise. Your system configuration might need to be reset in order to resolve the USB port problem.

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    It may be that the reason you cannot access the data on the flash drive is due to data corruption. Using data recovery software you can attempt to restore the data if you can get the system to recognize the drive so the recovery software can work on it. Disk Drill data recovery software is an excellent solution that gives you a great chance of recovering your files from a damaged or corrupted drive.

    In order to recover data from a flash drive or other USB connected drive using Disk Drill, follow these steps:. Disk Drill can be a lifesaver in situations where you cannot access files due to disk corruption or damage. It can also recover files that have been accidentally deleted or from a disk that was inadvertently formatted.

    It is definitely worth checking out when faced with the prospect of irretrievable data on a USB or flash drive. Problems with your USB ports can be extremely annoying but can usually be resolved through one of the techniques discussed above. We hope that you regain access to your data in a timely manner. Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator.

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    Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator with a deep expertise in progra Shutdown the machine. Second, you should plug the USB drive to another computer, if the error still happened again, the drive is broken and need to repair. To check your USB ports,. If your device drivers are outdated, Windows computer won't recognizing USB. To update the drivers manually as follow:. You can get more specific steps to update drives on Window These steps will update your device drivers.

    If your error was caused due to outdated drivers, it would be fixed.

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    The power management settings in Windows 10 can also cause a flash drive not showing up the problem. To solve this issue,.

    [Proven] 10 Fixes to Recognize USB Flash Drive Not Showing up on Mac

    This will solve the power management issue that may cause Windows not to recognize a flash drive. To update the Windows system on Windows 7 would help the computer to recognize a USB device, follow these steps:. This will fix issues with your USB root hub, and hopefully, Windows will recognize your flash drive. To format USB drive,.

    How To Troubleshoot Issues With USB Flash Drives Not Showing Up On A Mac Computer

    Important: Formatting will erase all data from your USB drive. Make sure to restore and backup your data before you try formatting your USB device. If you can't access your USB drive data and backup data files, you still can restore your data back as following solution:. After fixing USB device malfunctioned and not recognized error in Windows, if the above mentioned solution can help you and worked, you can get a USB drive data recovery program to help you access the drive and get your data back.

    Recoverit Data Recovery can help you recover data from USB flash drive, even the device got corrupted or damaged, or formatted.