Emacs for mac os x command line

GUI Capabilities
  1. Use Nano if:
  2. The Best “Just For Fun” Tricks Hidden in macOS’ Terminal
  3. How to learn Emacs
  4. Building emacs from source on macOS

Use Nano if:

A couple of my friends who took up Vim got used to running it within tmux and exchanged one terminal program for the other. This is wrong. The GUI Emacs program is not just a crutch for the ignorant fools with their fingers all gnarled by mouse overuse; no, GUI Emacs is much more powerful, and there is almost no reason at all to run Emacs in a terminal. Those statements are true.

The Best “Just For Fun” Tricks Hidden in macOS’ Terminal

Emacs, in so many ways, is light years ahead of Vim. There are things that the GUI Emacs program can do that a terminal program simply cannot. These are things like:. I even wrote a package for displaying the weather forecast, called Sunshine , which can display the icons for weather conditions.

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Access to the system clipboard is absolutely a must-have. I recall going through long and uncomfortable contortions to get tmux and terminal Vim to share clipboard data with the Linux system clipboard using command line utilities like xsel and xclip. It never worked well, it hung the editor, it was not reliable.

How to learn Emacs

Being able to copy and paste freely between your browser or other apps and your editor is a critical time-saver. You are severely missing out if you are using your terminal as a layer in between these functions. Pasting into the editor is usually not so bad, but copying out of it is tedious and awful. When using Org Mode to comprehensively organize my entire life, access to features like clipboard sharing and protocol triggers are totally killer.

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There are actually four common modifier keys on any modern keyboard. Those are, in no particular order:.

Building emacs from source on macOS

You can also specify which voice the command should use without changing the default, if you want to get fancy, by using the -voice option. For example, if you wanted to hear some text sung like a bell ringing, run say -v bells followed by your text. First, type emacs.

Building Emacs From Source

Move the pieces with your arrow keys, and drop them with Space. Repeat the steps above, then type these words instead of tetris to launch alternative games:. These are the main highlights, but there are a few more diversions. Needless to say, your Mac is not a medical professional.

Do not take medical advice from your Mac. Our advice: set up Homebrew to install command line tools on your Mac , then check out our list of best command line tools you can get with Homebrew. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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