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Serious question. I've never had a casserole that wasn't baked, but honestly don't eat casseroles often. Actually I think you're correct. In my family we've always baked our Mac and cheese, so I always just kinda assume everyone does. I forget that some people don't, especially the out of the box stuff. I put garlic powder and paprika into everything I make, but what Mac and cheese needs is ground mustard.

The first comment uses all these "fancy" terms like it's high class cooking advice. And the response comment that got gilded is just a dry "Yeah mustard and cheese is good". That's still an entire cask of cayenne pepper. How much mac and cheese do you make at a time!? Recently I found a cheddar Parmesan blend that tastes like parm, but melts like cheddar. Phenomenal for this type of cooking.

How To Make Better Mac 'n' Cheese

Dry mustard. If you're not making the mac and cheese from scratch and doing the boxed stuff, add some actual shredded cheese to it, too, makes it better. There's a food truck near me that serves a pulled pork sandwich with Mac and cheese on it One near me as well called "The Big Cheese" it's a grilled cheese melt for the purists, they call it a grilled cheese with pulled pork, mac n cheese, and more cheese on some nice texas toast. Make sure your pasta is al dente before baking if you're gonna do this, else you'll end up with mush. Nothing is higher class or tastier and that's coming from a guy rasied in a modular in Western Nebraska.

One guy makes a comment about white trash food and half the Nebraskans on the internet show up to offer their support.

Mac and Cheese Eaters of Reddit, how do you spice up your stovetop Mac and Cheese? : AskReddit

As an eastern Nebraskan I can assure you that over half the state lives on my side and that we are normal. Midwest side! This is the food of our people. Want to kick it up a notch further? Add some cooked crispy Tater Tots, you won't regret it. At one of the dining halls at my college, they have hotdogs usually everyday, but then every once in awhile they have this A M A Z I N G Mac and cheese and I totally get like 2 hot dogs and a healthy portion of Mac and cheese and mix the 2. Try it with some fried Kielbasa too- similar taste, and you can pretend to be a little less trashy!

If you like the spice, you can Chef John it up and put in a shake of cayenne. Bonus points if you stir it in with a tiny wooden spoon. Real kielbasa works well since it's smoked, also I suggest dicing it and cooking it until it becomes crispy. My husbands favorite is tuna noodles. Just elbow macaroni, shredded cheese and a can of tuna.

Thought it was a struggle food, turns out his mom is just a shitty cook. Still his favorite comfort food though so I make it for him even though just the smell makes me gag. Tuna noodle casserole! My mom made this when I was growing up, but used mayonnaise instead of shredded cheese. Now I call it Broke Food. Still one of my favorites. I like cream chipped beef on toast. Apparently it's called Shit on a Shingle in the military. My mom used chopped up beef lunchmeat though instead of hamburger. I can't find it where I live now and miss having that for dinner. It's still a satisfying poor man's meal.

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Takis fuego master race. Do they sell these glorious bastards in the US? Assuming you're from the US But believe it or not they are all over the US now. Been traveling a lot in the past couple years. I like adding bacon and onions , the three together make such a great combination. Some kind of meat, heavy cream instead of milk, extra parmesan cheese, oregano, garlic and onion powder. Cholula and Sriracha I feel are similar in levels of spice. Cholula is just peppers and vinegar, where sriracha is peppers and garlic and vinegar.

A common dinner I make is baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, and steamed vegetables. I drown my broccoli in macaroni and cheese. Learned this one from an ex of mine: Make your sauce using a roux add half a teaspoon of mustard, english or dijon doesn't really matter, then add some black pepper to it. Most of the cheese you use should be good quality cheddar, but if you add just a slice of blue cheese to it too, it tastes incredible. Also, smoked sausage. I always make my own, rather than buy boxed, and my recipe is similar to this except that I use colby cheese.

I like that it is similar to cheddar but a little more tangy than mild cheddar, yet less tangy than sharp cheddar. Also If i'm making the kind with powdered cheese I use heavy cream and butter to make the sauce richer. I make the pasta and sauce separate, but it's not necessary if you're short on time.

Firstly, throw salt and pepper, and chili powder into the sauce. The chili powder is key because it adds some dimension to the flavor. Secondly, I put a handful or a few handfuls of cheetos into a zip lock bag and smash em up into little crunchy crumb bits. Thirdly, I usually make some veggie crumble or bacon thinly sliced if you eat meat in another pan. I then pour the sauce over the pasta and mix shredded sharp cheddar cheese into the mixture, really letting it get all stringy and nice while still on heat.


I throw in the meat or meat substitute and then put the cheeto crumbs on top. I could see this being a short 15 minute show on Vice. Put the vibrant yellow goo into a hard shell taco or tostada bowl. I recommend beans, Mac, guac, salsa, onions and jalapeno in the bowl or replace the traditional cheese in a hardshell taco with the Mac.

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My roommates think I'm really really gross for doing this but I add tuna to it, they make fun of me and everytime I'm cooking somthing they go " what the fuck you making? Your nasty ass tuna mac? There's a thing out there called tuna noodle casserole, which is basically mac'n'cheese'n'tuna plus a couple of other goodies. It's fucking delicious.

Almost everytime i make mac and cheese i end up using it as a base for a mix so i guess my anwser would be add meat chili an chips. Brown up some smoked sausage slices. Add a hint of cajun seasoning or some approximation. You can actually go full jambalaya on the recepie if you want, I like the muted taste for a side dish.

Pro tip: Makes it extra cheesy and you end up with a bunch of uncooked noodles after a while. No need to buy pasta at the store. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. AskReddit comments other discussions 1.

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Ask a question. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Tags to use: Filter posts by subject: Please use spoiler tags to hide spoilers. Click here for the recipe. The best part? You can never have too many mac and cheese recipes! It's a cheesy win-win! Get the recipe here. This macaroni and cheese recipe uses three different kinds of cheese awesome!

Kids will love the creamy and hearty taste of the dish, while parents will breathe a sigh of relief that this recipe is not only delicious but quick and easy as well.

Comfort food that is good for you? Try out this veggie-fied take on mac and cheese from Weelicious. No food coloring needed—spinach and broccoli are the key ingredients to make the mix bright green.