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As mentioned above, it will not work at all with an external interface on a PC. As such, it is quite difficult to actually record professional audio in Audacity, unless you have a Mac. Also, cutting out bits of audio and moving it around is quite tricky in Audacity, and there are fewer shortcuts usable for the tools fades etc. While Audacity is very good, especially considering it is totally free, it is worth paying for a professional DAW that works smoothly with both major operating systems and has some time saving features.

Audacity does NOT support video playback.

Choosing the Right DAW

Ableton does support basic audio editing functions, but it is not necessarily intuitive, and the DAW being primarily designed for electronic music means it has some features that are not necessarily optimized for editing dialogue. This could obviously be a problem! If you already have Ableton, then you can use it for any voice over recording work. However, I would not necessarily recommend it if you are looking to buy a DAW for the first time.

Adobe Audition has a built in spectrum analyser and noise reduction software, which can be useful for tidying up VO projects. I must confess, I have never used Adobe Audition. However, I have known many video editors and voice artists who have used it themselves, and swear by it. Audition is quite expensive, and exclusively works on a subscription basis, a so it is definitely only worth getting if you get enough work to justify this repeat investment. However, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck, and a lot of voice artists use it.

Cubase Elements is the basic version of Cubase, and is largely suitable for voice projects.

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Ah, Cubase. Well, it was in anyway.

The Best Audio Editing Software: 11 Audio Editors for Any Situation

However, it does feature similar audio editing functionality to most other DAWs. Not many voice actors replied to our ad hoc online survey saying that they used Cubase, since it is quite an old piece of software, although it does still receive updates.

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Voice actor Sarah Jane Rose was one of the few to let us know that she did still use it. With a lot of DAWs that can be very similar to one another, often the only major factor influencing your decision is price and personal preference! Most people simply get one DAW and stick with it throughout the years, since it is very difficult to re-learn a new one after many years of practice. What software do you use to record AND edit your voiceover? Audacity for everything?

Adobe Audition for.. Are you a pro in protools? Let me know what audio software you use and what you LIKE about it and your comments may be used in a forthcoming blog. If you have an Apple Mac , then you will already have Garageband. From personal experience, however, editing an audio file is quite fiddly and can lead to some strange digital audio artifacts when exporting audio , which usually only come from a bad compression algorithm i. If you do plan on getting a Mac anyway, then it coming with free software that is easier to use and easier to set up with an interface is a huge advantage.

From the perspective of voice over recording, and even complex ADR to sync projects, the functions are very similar. The editing tools in Logic have advanced options which can be optionally enabled. With these turned off, the editing features are exactly the same as Garageband.

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Logic is more aimed at music creation. Voice actor, and former musician Brandon Henning says:. Basically started as a musician, then voice acting sorta just came outta nowhere. This raises an important point. One of the most important things when choosing a DAW is going for whichever one you are most comfortable using.

If you have experience using a particular piece of software in the past then you will probably be better off sticking with the updated version in your voice over career. Sessions where the client is participating live are normally fairly swiftly moving affairs, so ensuring you know your way around the DAW and will not encounter any technical problems during the session is vital. Nuendo is very useful for ADR recording. Nuendo is actually made by the same people who make Cubase Steinberg , so in terms of the audio engine powering the software, it is identical to Cubase.

However, there are numerous features unique to Nuendo. There are features optimizing it for ADR, including some moderate video editing, game audio, and copious pre-sets and plug-ins related to editing dialogue and sound effects for broadcast. What is the Best Microphone for Voice-Over? And what other equipment do you need for the best home studio setup? Believe it or not, this is just a controller for Pro-Tools.

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I must admit, I left this section until the end, because I was unsure what to write. I personally use Pro-Tools all the time for editing the audio that is sent in after a project here at Voquent. It is much easier to remove noise, fade in and fade out, and finely edit the internal gain level of each file without resorting to any largely unnecessary overall compression.

But, it crashes all the time on PC.

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  4. This can sometimes happen in the middle of a recording session, although it is rare if it is set up properly. Basically, every DAW comes with a certain amount of risk, but Pro-Tools is a very comprehensive piece of software. Voice artist Kerry Hutchinson says:. Pro Tools full. Maybe overkill for my mono single channel voiceover needs. So the trade off of crashing risk vs features is not necessarily the most balanced for voice over purposes. There are three main versions for Pro-Tools, the two paid ones being paid on a yearly subscription basis, much like Adobe Audition.

    There is also a completely free version, called Pro-Tools First. Pro-Tools First has every audio editing feature you will plausibly need for basic VO recording projects. However, it does not support video playback. The full versions of Pro-Tools do. For more comprehensive comparison details check here. Download only, so exchange rate determines the price in other currencies. I prefer the old one. Musician and voice actor Joshua Du Chene says it better than I could!

    The best free video editing software

    You can also easily set up your own macros and key commands from numerous tutorials — my favorite one for VO automatically trims silence between takes and fades the beginning and ending of each cut. That one macro alone has saved me countless hours of editing. Good systems pay dividends in time and energy saved in the long run. Voice actor Lance Blair is similarly enamored with it, saying:.

    You can edit video with it. Customizable commands. Comes with great effects. Spectral peak rainbow waveforms. Non-destructive editing. If I make a bad cut I can fix it later. Renoise is completely unlike any other DAW. I have no idea what is going on in this picture. Much of the view is taken up with MIDI music information and effects views, which can be tricky when finely editing a waveform to remove a miniscule click from within your voice.

    It is specifically optimized for music production, so it would be best to avoid as well.

    The Best Audio Editing Software for 12222

    I must confess to never having used Sound Forge either. However, our reliable and robust Voquent Talent Manager, Andy Langfield, used it in the early days of the company for editing many of the voice samples on the site! It is best for small, swiftly moving projects. Think of it as a more comprehensive version of Audacity. It has plenty of features, and even supports video files! This version is still affordable, and you can upgrade at a later date, so Sound Forge is a very good, cost effective choice.